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Do you have any photography trips coming up?

Posted by Leigh Diprose on 7th Jun 2018

No matter how far you have travelled, there is always more to explore - ask any photographer! Travel photography is one of those genres we all aspire to pursue - even if we don’t end up travelling we still like to ask the question, “Do you have any photography trips coming up?”

With constant formulated ‘bucket lists’ of places they must see, the travelling photographer is always thinking about their next destination and the type of equipment they should take along for the ride.

Here at Acratech in Pomona, California, we know this, which is why we develop elegant, strong and durable gear that assists photographers no matter where they travel.

Take our Nomad Ballhead as a prime example, did you know that it is designed to be as lightweight and versatile as possible and weighs less than 1lb. ?

For instance, when you add a levelling base to the bottom of the Nomad Ballhead, you get an instant panoramic head which allows seamless stitching for panoramas. We marked the degrees of rotation around the ballhead to ensure all your photos are aligned and captured correctly while on location.

Finally, it is worth mentioning you can mount your camera quickly onto the head thanks to the integrated Arca Swiss mounting system. It is that simple.

So, whenever you plan your next trip locally or abroad think about the sort of equipment you pack. Investigate in including an Acratech ballhead as it will make the world of difference when travelling and setting up your shot.

On the other hand, if you are new to this game and want to pursue travel photography, we encourage you to think about the offerings out there and then take a closer look at our ballheads, in particular, our Nomad. You won’t be disappointed.

Image by Scott Dordick

Photographing the Southwest

We just got back from a 2 ½ week trip through some amazing and beautiful parts of Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. Our midpoint destination was our daughter's graduation in Boulder, Colorado. We found the series of books Photographing the Southwest by Laurent Martres to be very helpful in deciding where to go and what to see. I also [...]

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​Come join us for some fun and flower and macro photography.

Come join us for some fun and flower and macro photography. We will be at Descanso Gardens on Saturday January 13th at 9:15 AM for our free flower and macro photography meetup (you will have to pay $9.00 to get into Descanso Gardens). It is for all levels of photographers and we will provide some instruction for beginning and intermediate [...]

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Time to make your plans for Fall colors.

There is still about a month of summer left. For many of us, that gives us about 6 weeks until fall colors are at their peak. Now is the time to make your reservations for hotels and airlines. According to research by the best prices for air fare is 54 days before departure. The exact amount of [...]

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New video "How to Choose an Acratech Ball Head"

When I meet people at trade shows, the first question I am often asked is "what is the difference between the Acratech ball head models". I admit we have had too many models that were too similar. We have recently eliminated some older models. I put together this video to simply explain the difference between our current models. I [...]

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Fuji GFX 50s: Train Spotting

A few days ago I was able to take the new Fuji GFX 50s out and shoot with it. I was really hoping I would not like this camera, Fuji makes great cameras, but I did not want to be lusting for an expensive medium format system (although this camera is not expensive for a medium format). I [...]

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Jack Neubart Field Tests Our Acratech Panoramic System

Jack Neubart has written an in-depth field test of our Acratech Panoramic System. Jack covers our Acratech Panoramic Head, Leveling Base, Nodal Rail and 'L' Bracket, and he also provides some very good information on doing stiched panoramic images. Check it out here

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The new Fuji GFX50S

I was able to play with the new mirrorless medium format camera from Fuji, the GFX 50S. The sensor on this camera is 1.7X bigger than a full frame DSLR. The first thing I noticed is that it was smaller and lighter than I expected. In fact it is about the same overall length and weight as a [...]

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Sometimes ISO is all you have.

For this image we were just playing around using some low power solar camping lights to light the image. They provided very little light but, that was all we had. I sat there with my guitar and Patty shot the image. The first decision was how much of the image needed to be in sharp focus. I wanted [...]

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