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  • This is the greatest, high quality ballhead I have ever seen or used. Bryan in Ohio
  • Very pleased with product and customer support. Joseph in Canada
  • I love how legit this is and how easy to use! Bonnie in California
    So far I Love this ballhead - very happy with my purchase :) Dawn in Wisconsin
  • Fine U.S. made product. Very pleased with strength, lightweight, and finish. #1 Kit! Christpoher in Washington
  • I've had this ballhead for 10-11 years. I don't baby my gear as my end goal is the photos and if the gear has to take a hit to get them, so be it. This ballhead has been on 6 continents, strapped to a snow machine for 6 months in Antarctica, tossed around for a month in the back of a Russian jeep in Asia. And, it worked then and now, the same as when I bought it!! B.C.
  • I am not sponsored by Acratech. I had to pay for this ball head the same as anyone else. And if I give up my hard earned money, I want the product to work. I can say without reservation that this is some of the best money I have ever spent. I exclusively use the Acratech head in the field and am very glad I tried it. Scott Bourne
  • The rubberized knob I just received makes a great product even better. I currently have several other ballheads and am I selling them all. They do not compare to the Ultimate Ballhead. The more I use it the more it exceeds my expectations. S.C.
  • Perfect for my needs. Positive ball lock with light knob twist, smooth pan, light for travel. Well done! Keith in Illinois
  • Lovely Product - It looks like it was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. Steve in U.S.A.
  • This Nomad ballhead is fantastic! Thanks so much. Greg in Oregon

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  • Film Can with lid off
    $20.00 120 Film Canister
    Film is making a comeback and you will want to protect your investment. Our 120 Film Canisters are so tough that someone once said you could drive over them with a tank and it wouldn't hurt your film. They have an O'Ring...

  • The Acratech Viewing Angle Gauge will ensure that you are viewing your screen at the proper angle.
    $16.45 Choose Options Monitor Viewing Angle Gauge
    Laptop computers dominate the PC market, but for the digital photographer their portability cuts both ways, with variant screen angles dramatically impacting the apparent brightness of an image. Even with a perfectly...

  • Tripod riser.  If you need a little extra height on the head of your tripod.
    $59.95 Ballhead Riser - Raises Your Ballhead on Tripod Plateform
    Spaces your tripod head above your tripod for additional clearance. Great item for tripods that have a bigger top than the head being put on it. The Riser has a 2 3/8" (16mm) diameter by 1" (25mm) height. It has a 3/8 -16...

  •  5/32 Stainless Steel Allen Wrench includes a quick disconnect and a ring, so it is easy to use and it will always be there when you need it.
    Stainless Steel Allen Wrench
    Our new 5/32 Stainless Steel Allen Wrench fits the Arca-Swiss style quick release plate screws from most manufactures. It includes a quick disconnect and a ring, so it is easy to use and it will always be there when you need...

  • Video adaptor on a video head.
    $149.95 Video Adaptor for Acra Swiss to Manfrotto Video Head
    The Acratech video adapter allows you to use your DSLR with its Arca Swiss compatible, quick release plate on dedicated, fluid type video heads. It features a large 15mm bulls eye level, is a full 60mm long and weighs 5 oz...

  • Standard View. Leveling quick release plate to easily level the top of your ballhead.
    Level Quick Release Plate
    The Level Quick Release Plate is perfect for those of you that need to level the top of your ball head for those perfect panoramic shots. This level is quick and easy to use with its large and easy to read 1 3/16”...

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