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Will we all be shooting smaller sensor cameras in the future?

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Will we all be shooting smaller sensor cameras in the future? We can see what amazing strides have been made in cell phone cameras that have tiny sensors (about 1/3”). Of course, they are not up to DSLR quality. Next, I was looking at the new Sony RX10 IV it has a 24-600 2.4-4.0 lens and it is not much bigger than the average kit lens. Of course, this is only possible because of the small 1” sensor. Although I have not tested it I am sure it is not up to DSLR quality. 

The disadvantages of smaller sensors are of course lower resolution, less dynamic range (the ability to record detail in the range from brightest whites and to the darkest blacks), smaller sensors also have more noise (looks like film grain) at high ISO’s and in low light images. Smaller sensors are also not able to get the same shallow depth of field for blurred backgrounds when shooting portraits and other images where you want a distracting background blurred out. 

The biggest advantage of smaller sensor cameras is not only that the camera is smaller but that the equivalent focal length lenses are much smaller. A lens of just over 200mm on a 1” sensor camera will give the equivalent focal length of 600mm on a full frame DSLR. 

The technology is improving quickly with companies like Apple having 800 people working on just improving their cameras. How long do you think it will be before a compact smaller sensor camera (1” or less) will have the same performance as today’s pro-DSLR's?

Time to make your plans for Fall colors.

There is still about a month of summer left. For many of us, that gives us about 6 weeks until fall colors are at their peak. Now is the time to make your reservations for hotels and airlines. According to research by the best prices for air fare is 54 days before departure. The exact amount of [...]

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New video "How to Choose an Acratech Ball Head"

When I meet people at trade shows, the first question I am often asked is "what is the difference between the Acratech ball head models". I admit we have had too many models that were too similar. We have recently eliminated some older models. I put together this video to simply explain the difference between our current models. I [...]

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Shooting the Milky Way with Sean Pierce at the Create and Communes workshop

On Saturday night we were able to meet up with Sean Pierce at the Create and Communes Milky Way workshop in the Eastern Sierras. We had a great time showing off our Acratech gear to the group. We really enjoyed meeting everybody and appreciated Sean’s expertise. I shot this image on our Sky Watcher, Star Adventurer.

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Mike Moats reviews the Acratech Ultimate Ballhead

Check out Mike Moats review of the Acratech Ultimate Ballhead. Mike does an excellent job of explaining why the Ultimate works well for macro photography

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Improvephotography's Best Ballhead Under $500

There has been a lot going on and I have some catching up to do. Mark Morris at improve Photography did a very extensive ball head review And the winner is the Acratech GP Ballhead. Mark is taking the tripods and ball heads on the road so photographers can get some hands on time with a large [...]

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Fuji GFX 50s: Train Spotting

A few days ago I was able to take the new Fuji GFX 50s out and shoot with it. I was really hoping I would not like this camera, Fuji makes great cameras, but I did not want to be lusting for an expensive medium format system (although this camera is not expensive for a medium format). I [...]

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An Icon Lost

I was saddened to hear that Popular Photography is closing its doors after 80 years of publication. They are citing loss of advertising revenue and audience support as the reason for closing both the magazine and their website. I grew up reading Popular Photography and Modern Photography, they merged in 1989 and had a combined readership of over 1 [...]

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South El Monte High School Visits Acratech

Recently the students from South El Monte High School came over to visit our facilities. They were part of Project Lead the Way (PLTW). PTLW is an organization that helps high school students get involved in manufacturing, engineering and design. We were able to show the students the processes that are involved in the manufacturing of our products. The [...]

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Jack Neubart Field Tests Our Acratech Panoramic System

Jack Neubart has written an in-depth field test of our Acratech Panoramic System. Jack covers our Acratech Panoramic Head, Leveling Base, Nodal Rail and 'L' Bracket, and he also provides some very good information on doing stiched panoramic images. Check it out here

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