Acratech is a family run manufacturer of quality, innovative products for photography and imaging. All products are proudly made in our Pomona, CA facility using the finest materials and top quality workmanship.  Our machinist take pride in manufacturing the parts that make up the products we sell. Quality control insures our parts are in print throughout all processes.  Our assembly team takes pride in putting all the pieces together for you to enjoy for many years to come.  Our shipping department works hard to get all orders out in a timely and efficient process. There are other various tasks performed by all of us, as with any small company, we all can wear many hats. Most of our employees are not only skilled craftsman but are also accomplished photographers. 

Scott Dordick is the founder and CEO of Acratech. He developed a passion for photography while very young and by the time Scott was in the 8th grade he had built a darkroom in his bedroom closet and at about the same time Scott was also building a motorcycle in the middle of his bedroom. With over 30 years of experience; Scott’s passion for Photography and his mechanical abilities, have blended together to design and manufacture Acratech products.

In 1999 Acratech was a job shop doing machining for a wide variety of customers including aerospace, automotive and medical. In the evenings Scott, designed and manufactured the original prototype of the Ultimate Ball-Head. He decided to design a new Ball-Head because he could not find a strong and lightweight Ball-Head that would work well for hiking and travel photography. Mr Dordick built this prototype Ball-Head for his own use, thinking that it would not be possible to compete against big companies like Arca-Swiss. Scott was persuaded to start selling Ball-Heads by people who would see his prototype Ball-Head and often ask “Where can I buy a Ball-Head like that?”