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Fuji GFX 50s: Train Spotting

Posted by Scott Dordick on 9th May 2017

A few days ago I was able to take the new Fuji GFX 50s out and shoot with it. I was really hoping I would not like this camera, Fuji makes great cameras, but I did not want to be lusting for an expensive medium format system (although this camera is not expensive for a medium format). I kept trying to tell myself “this is not a camera for the kind of photography I do”. Well, as I was trying not to want one, I found myself wanting one. The 14 stops of dynamic range and its ability to resolve fine detail was incredible. For my style of hiking and walking around photography I did find that the 63 F2.8 (50mm equivalent) was lightweight and easy to carry but the 32-66 F4.0 (25mm-51mm eq) was too heavy to want to walk around with. Fuji is releasing more lenses before the end of the year and I think the 23 F4.0 (18mm eq) would be the perfect lightweight landscape lens.

When I shot the train station, It was very dark out. I wanted it to be lighter so I overexposed by about 2 stops, which overexposed the light in the top of the clock. The crop of the clock shows the incredible detail the camera is capable of. I used my Acratech GP Ballhead for the 40 second exposure.

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