Tripod Heads Made in the USA by Acratech

Acratech tripod heads are rugged, lightweight and versatile.  

The GXP / GXP-SS models are the most versatile making them our best sellers. The versatility is in their unique ability to act as a ball head, gimbal head and panning head in one compact unit. The GXP is for use on full sized tripods and the GXP-SS is "Slightly Smaller" making it the ideal mate for a travel size tripod. 

Our Panoramic heads are made specifically for multi row panos but can also double as a Long Lens Head and they will solidly support a 600 f4.0. 

Our Long Lens heads are a lightweight solution for those of you shooting a large telephoto lens like a 600mm f4.0.  

Our Ultimate Ball-Head is a specialty ball-head designed for macro photography. There is no side notch to limit the side to side movement when you are tilted all of the way down. Night sky shooters also enjoy the additional upward freedom of movement. For general photography even if you are doing some some macro work, the GXP or GXP-SS is a better choice. 

If you need help choosing, we are an email or phone call away, or, you can view our video on choosing the right Tripod Head for your needs: