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Photography accessories, part 1: Choosing the right tripod

Recent advancements in technology have revolutionized not only cameras, but also photographic accessory equipment. For professional and hobbyist photographers alike, investment in quality equipment is necessary to fully showcase your skills, because it will allow you to produce the best possible final image. Every piece of equipment you use, from your camera and lighting setup down to the tripod and ball [...]

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Photographing Empty Urban Landscapes

For urban landscape photographers it’s that time of the year again - the most wonderful time of the year, when for a brief window even the busiest of arterial streets will be almost entirely free of traffic. This allows you to capture some wonderfully empty cityscapes, leveraging long, sweeping architectural lines to create otherworldly images [...]

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Holiday Family Portrait Tips

It’s one of the most un-wonderful times of the year again for photographers around the nation. And in spite of the fact that it happens every year, each year it also feels like it strikes when you least expect it: lulled into a deep carb coma following seconds and maybe thirds of turkey and pumpkin [...]

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Photographing Fall Colors in California

Here in California, we love summertime. It just wouldn’t make sense to live here without being big devotees of sunshine, t-shirts, and the ocean. That said, the most redeeming feature of autumn’s slow annual arrival is that all of the free time we used to spend paddle boarding at the beach we can now use for long mountain hikes - [...]

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Kenmore Camera’s Digital Photo Expo 2015

Get ready, the largest photo show on the west coast is coming up this November. We’ll be there; what about you? Mark your calendars for the: Digital Photo Expo 2015 Saturday, November 7, 10 am - 6 pm Sunday, November 8, 10 am - 5 pm Lynwood Convention Center Lynwood, Washington One of our favorite things about the Digital Photo Expo is [...]

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Monthly Photography Protip: September 2015

Photographing moving water is a lot of fun, because the look and mood of your shots can be so easily changed by whatever shutter speed you select.“Sunset at Spooner’s Cove, Montana de Oro.” Photographed by Scott Dordick, September 2015.In this shot I wanted to capture the feel of the moving water in a way that [...]

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Upcoming Gallery Show: Al Satterwhite

Our friend Al Satterwhite just sent us an invitation to his upcoming exhibition at the Leica Gallery, in Los Angeles, California. Whether you happen to live in Southern California, or will be visiting anytime between September 3 - 30, we encourage you to make a trip to check out Al’s latest work.The show, aRound New [...]

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Monthly Photography Protip: August 2015

Deep familiarity with your camera’s settings can make the difference between springing into action, getting you the shot you want, and fumbling only to lose that photo worthy moment entirely. For instance, the other day I arrived home and found a lizard sunning himself right on my front porch. I knew that I would miss [...]

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Astrophotography: the Perseid Meteor Shower 2016

It’s that time of year again: the Perseid meteor shower is anticipated to hit its peak during the wee morning hours of August 11 and12. Although the Perseids are an annual event, this will be an especially good year for viewing them, even better than last year.  The amount of meteors be hour is over [...]

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Photographing Nashville, TN

Last week the Acratech family traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to attend a music manufacturing trade show for our subsidiary enterprise, the newly launched Opal Instruments. It’s always fun to land in a new town as a photographer, with fresh eyes for the kind of small details that locals tend to take for granted. The joys of [...]

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