Kenmore Camera’s Digital Photo Expo 2015

Kenmore Camera’s Digital Photo Expo 2015

Posted by Sarah Zanolini on 8th Oct 2015

Get ready, the largest photo show on the west coast is coming up this November. We’ll be there; what about you? Mark your calendars for the:

Digital Photo Expo 2015

Saturday, November 7, 10 am - 6 pm

Sunday, November 8, 10 am - 5 pm

Lynwood Convention Center

Lynwood, Washington

One of our favorite things about the Digital Photo Expo is that it is completely free for attendees. That means we get to talk to a great mix of people: from seasoned pros like Art Wolfe, whom will be there on Saturday afternoon signing copies of his latest book, to relative newcomers to the photographic world. For anyone whom is looking to expand their toolset in order to capture better images, either through improved location scouting, lighting techniques, travel photography tips, or even simply photographing family sporting events, there is a full schedule of seminars and lectures offered on both days. Each is taught by professionals whom are experts in their subject matter.

Even better, the Digital Photo Expo provides an opportunity to get a tactile feel for how the latest cameras, glass, and equipment operate. At Acratech we love being able to “test drive” gear a bit before buying it, especially in a format where side by side comparisons between models and brands is so easy. If you’re planning on attending, please stop by and check out Acratech’s Video Ballhead, one of our most versatile pieces of equipment to date if you’re a mixed stillphotographer and videographer looking for an all-in-one travel solution.

While you’re at the Acratech booth, be sure to introduce yourself to Sam, our resident photographer. He knows Acratech equipment inside and out because he not only uses it himself, but participates in various aspects of its manufacture, assembly, and inspection.