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Sometimes we spend more, because we are trying to spend less.

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My friends high school aged son was showing me an electronics project he was working on. I noticed the delicate wiring and asked what type of soldering iron he was using. I have done enough electronic projects to know that the hardware store soldering irons are not going to work for delicate soldering. He said he was using a good adjustable soldering station, but he had been through a of bunch of hardware store soldering irons before finally having to spend the money on a proper soldering station.

This is a very similar story to what I hear when I talk to customers about tripod heads. Many of them tell me that the Acratech head is not the first head bought. They explain that they bought another brand ballhead and then realized why they should have bought an Acratech head in the first place.

I am always impressed when I talk to someone who tells me that an Acratech ballhead is their first ballhead and they have done their research and they are going to get the best ballhead so they only have to buy it once. Everyone should do their own research before buying a tripod head and make their own decision. For some, spending less money today is the only priority.

So what makes Acratech tripod heads better than other tripod heads? The quality and construction of Acratech products is second to none. Our tripod heads are designed to withstand hard outdoor use and abuse. And we stand behind our products with a 10 year no questions asked warranty. All of our tripod heads have an open structure so dirt and moisture falls through instead of getting stuck inside. Our Acra-Swiss style quick release plates, have a lip or other feature so your camera or lens cannot rotate or twist on the plate. Acratech products are not only strong but they are also lightweight. Our ballheads weigh only 1lb and will hold 25lbs.

I know Acratech tripod heads are not inexpensive, but sometimes spending more, means you are spending less in the long run. Do your research and decide for yourself.

Has digital made you a better photographer?

Digital certainly has made photography easier but, has it made your photography better. For me, it is a double edge sword. With Photoshop and the ease of manipulating images, you can certainly get shots that would have been impossible with film and I certainly get more good images now. So if I am getting more [...]

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Jack Neubart's review of the Nomad Ballhead

Jack Neubart reviewed our new Nomad Ballhead on his website. Even if you don’t know Jack, you have probably read some of his articles. Jack has written for (from his website): Shutterbug Magazine (print & online:; Petersen's PHOTOgraphic Digital Photo Guide; Digital Photo Pro; Photo District News (PDN - "Technically Speaking" columnist for 18 years); Studio Photography & Design; Rangefinder; The New [...]

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Lost, Stolen and Missing Ballheads

Unfortunately, sometimes our equipment is lost or stolen. When it comes time to replace a lost or stolen item many of us start the whole shopping process over. Was it good? Was it so good that I would buy it again? Maybe there is something better or maybe I can find something cheaper, etc.?We always appreciate it when [...]

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Crazy Good Acratech Warranty

Many people (even people who already own Acratech ballheads) are not aware of how good our warranty really is. This short video explains it all. 

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Small Business Saturday

This Saturday is Shop Small Saturday, visit your local camera store and show them your support for what they do to make your community better. Let them know they matter by making a purchase, even if it is just a stocking stuffer or two for the shutterbug in your family - even small purchases can make a [...]

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A new way to fix blown out skies.

People have been creating composite photographic images since the mid 1800’s check out this image form Henry Peach Robinson created from 6 negatives in 1877. Everyone agrees that photo-journalistic images should not be manipulated. But, when it comes to artistic images it is the choice of the photographer or artist. In theory I don’t like the idea of adding something to [...]

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Los Angeles Zoo Day

We spent a very enjoyable day at our Acratech booth at the Los Angeles Zoo Day with Paul’s Photo . There were lots of companies demonstrating and loaning out their camera gear to the participants. Participants were able to borrow everything from large telephoto lenses to our Acratech Long Lens Head to put them on. There were workshops to [...]

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Sometimes ISO is all you have.

For this image we were just playing around using some low power solar camping lights to light the image. They provided very little light but, that was all we had. I sat there with my guitar and Patty shot the image. The first decision was how much of the image needed to be in sharp focus. I wanted [...]

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​Fall Color Links

We are officially in our first days of Fall. Like wildflowers in the spring, photographers are captivated with fall foliage. There are tons of resources on the web that can steer you in the right direction. Here are a few to get you inspired, let the hunt begin. Check out the Farmers almanac prediction for peak dates by state This [...]

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