The new Fuji GFX50S

The new Fuji GFX50S

Posted by Scott on 16th Feb 2017

I was able to play with the new mirrorless medium format camera from Fuji, the GFX 50S. The sensor on this camera is 1.7X bigger than a full frame DSLR. The first thing I noticed is that it was smal … read more
​Improving your composition and photographic eye

​Improving your composition and photographic eye

Posted by Scott on 27th Jan 2017

One way to improve your eye as a photographer is to start out by studying the images of photographers whose work you admire. Don’t just look at an image, but relax and try to feel and understand wha … read more

Has digital made you a better photographer?

Posted by Scott on 29th Dec 2016

Digital certainly has made photography easier but, has it made your photography better. For me, it is a double edge sword. With Photoshop and the ease of manipulating images, you can certainly get sho … read more
Jack Neubart's review of the Nomad Ballhead

Jack Neubart's review of the Nomad Ballhead

Posted by Scott, article by Jack Neubart on 14th Dec 2016

Jack Neubart reviewed our new Nomad Ballhead on his website. Even if you don’t know Jack, you have probably read some of his articles. Jack has written for (from his website):&nbs … read more

Lost, Stolen and Missing Ballheads

Posted by Scott on 9th Dec 2016

Unfortunately, sometimes our equipment is lost or stolen. When it comes time to replace a lost or stolen item many of us start the whole shopping process over. Was it good? Was it so good that I wou … read more

Crazy Good Acratech Warranty

Posted by Scott on 30th Nov 2016

Many people (even people who already own Acratech ballheads) are not aware of how good our warranty really is. This short video explains it all.  … read more

Small Business Saturday

23rd Nov 2016

This Saturday is Shop Small Saturday, visit your local camera store and show them your support for what they do to make your community better. Let them know they matter by making a purchase, even i … read more

A new way to fix blown out skies.

Posted by Scott on 14th Nov 2016

People have been creating composite photographic images since the mid 1800’s check out this image form Henry Peach Robinson created from 6 negatives in 1877. Everyone agrees that photo-journali … read more