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​"Working the Clutter on the Beach"

Posted by Special thanks to Mike Moats on 1st Aug 2016

"Working the Clutter on the Beach"

The beach is a great place to find cool macro subjects like feathers, driftwood, odd critters and sea shells, Here is an area on the beach that has a mass of piled up sea shells. Not a pretty picture, and just to much chaos for the mind to take in.
_DSC1209 600
Now lets work in a little closer on some subjects. Now I’m seeing a little more of the subjects.

_DSC1197 600

Let’s move in even closer and the shells start to have more impact for the viewer.

_DSC1211 600

Now lets add in a cool subject like this starfish I found on the beach. It adds a nice touch to the shells.
If you want more impact, move in closer and fill the frame with the subject when you’re working in clutter.

_DSC1208 600

Get Out Early for Tiny Critters - Macro Mondays

The best way to capture shots of small bugs, critters, is get up at daybreak on a cool morning with no wind, and search the little guys out in open field grass. When the temperatures drop at night, the critters body temps go down and in the morning they stay perfectly still and unable [...]

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