​"Working the Clutter on the Beach"

​"Working the Clutter on the Beach"

Posted by Special thanks to Mike Moats on 1st Aug 2016

"Working the Clutter on the Beach"

The beach is a great place to find cool macro subjects like feathers, driftwood, odd critters and sea shells, Here is an area on the beach that has a mass of piled up sea shells. Not a pretty picture, and just to much chaos for the mind to take in.
_DSC1209 600
Now lets work in a little closer on some subjects. Now I’m seeing a little more of the subjects.

_DSC1197 600

Let’s move in even closer and the shells start to have more impact for the viewer.

_DSC1211 600

Now lets add in a cool subject like this starfish I found on the beach. It adds a nice touch to the shells.
If you want more impact, move in closer and fill the frame with the subject when you’re working in clutter.

_DSC1208 600