Get Out Early for Tiny Critters - Macro Mondays

Get Out Early for Tiny Critters - Macro Mondays

Posted by Patty Sullivan for Mike Moats - Tiny Landscapes on 25th Jul 2016

The best way to capture shots of small bugs, critters, is get up at daybreak on a cool morning with no wind, and search the little guys out in open field grass. When the temperatures drop at night, the critters body temps go down and in the morning they stay perfectly still and unable to fly away until they warm up. This allows me time to set up my tripod and shoot with out having to rush. In this image you can see two butterflies on the right side and on the left side in the middle you see a little bit of black in the grass and that is a dragonfly.





Nikon D7000 – Tamron 16-300 / Shot at f/11



Sometimes when these guys are in clutter grass you don’t always get the nice clean backgrounds, so I will shoot in the lower f/stop numbers, and this one was shot at f/8.


Special thanks to Mike for sending us this tip!