Behind the scenes with Fuji's new X-T10

Posted by Acratech on 16th Jul 2015

Luis, the friendly Fuji Representative, stopped by the Acratech headquarters last week to show off the new X-T10. We were impressed by its lightweight and compact build, both of which make it a great … read more
Quality Materials and Committment to Performance

Quality Materials and Committment to Performance

Posted by Acratech Inc. on 1st Jul 2015

The rise in popularity of photography made room for growth in the market for tripods and other photography equipment.These days you can go to a local store to purchase generic tripod heads at a … read more

Father's Day

Posted by Sarah Zanolini on 13th Jun 2015

Growing up in our house, Dad’s wishes often called the shots, from what we would eat for dinner to where we would trek to on weekends - long treks, 2 or even 3 miles uphill both ways - for him to test … read more

Nature Photography Day

9th Jun 2015

"Spring Migration" courtesy of Linda Tanner via CC/FlickrMark your calendars, next Monday, June 15th, is Nature Photography Day! Not that you needed an excuse to take a half day off (or even bett … read more
Sometimes a Glass is Not Just a Glass

Sometimes a Glass is Not Just a Glass

Posted by Sarah Zanolini on 30th May 2015

"Redbud Leaves," by Kelly Daniels. Submission to our 2014 Macro Photography Contest.In browsing recent photo blogs, I came across this great piece from our friends at the Luminous Landscape on “Synest … read more

Acratech GP Ballhead named “Best Overall”

16th Apr 2015

Last week Digital Photography Review published a comprehensive review guide of 6 popular mid-sized ball heads, and we’re so proud to announce that after comprehensive testing the Acratech GP came out … read more

Edward Weston, Peppers, and Perception

Posted by Sarah Zanolini on 24th Mar 2015

One of the most fascinating potentials of photography is its ability to accurately portray reality in such a very unreal way that it effectively tweaks our perception of the world around us. When I th … read more

New Swift Clamp Product Lineup!

6th Mar 2015

You’ve been asking, and we’ve delivered! This week at the WPPI conference in Las Vegas we launched not one but two new products: Swift Clamps especially designed to work with Cotton Carrier and Spider … read more