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Behind the scenes with Fuji's new X-T10

Luis, the friendly Fuji Representative, stopped by the Acratech headquarters last week to show off the new X-T10. We were impressed by its lightweight and compact build, both of which make it a great travel camera. In our opinion, the X-T10 felt and shot a lot like the X-T1, making it a great alternative if [...]

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Quality Materials and Committment to Performance

The rise in popularity of photography made room for growth in the market for tripods and other photography equipment.These days you can go to a local store to purchase generic tripod heads at a low cost but it does not come without serious draw backs. Cheaper equipments set unrealistic standards like how much weight it can support without sacrificing the functionality [...]

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Father's Day

Growing up in our house, Dad’s wishes often called the shots, from what we would eat for dinner to where we would trek to on weekends - long treks, 2 or even 3 miles uphill both ways - for him to test out his latest landscape photo gear. So when the official Father’s Day rolled [...]

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Nature Photography Day

"Spring Migration" courtesy of Linda Tanner via CC/FlickrMark your calendars, next Monday, June 15th, is Nature Photography Day! Not that you needed an excuse to take a half day off (or even better a long weekend) to get outdoors and get shooting. If you’d like some feedback on your shots, or would like to celebrate in [...]

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Sometimes a Glass is Not Just a Glass

"Redbud Leaves," by Kelly Daniels. Submission to our 2014 Macro Photography Contest.In browsing recent photo blogs, I came across this great piece from our friends at the Luminous Landscape on “Synesthetic Landscapes.” The author, Dr. Andy Ilachinsky, writes about evoking synesthetic perception as a means of creating artful photo pieces. Synesthesia is a condition where [...]

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Photographic Narrative, Part 2: Can a photograph a narrative make?

As I researched resources this week discussing photographic narrative and visual storytelling, I ran across an interesting article written by Mark Meyer, in which he argued against photography as a storytelling medium, concluding: “exposition and description, not narrative and storytelling, are photography's forte.” I wanted to take a moment to dispute this point, because although [...]

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Acratech GP Ballhead named “Best Overall”

Last week Digital Photography Review published a comprehensive review guide of 6 popular mid-sized ball heads, and we’re so proud to announce that after comprehensive testing the Acratech GP came out on top!Image courtesy of DP Review, 2015Check out their full review of the GP, for more details on of the smoothness of its controls, how [...]

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​Photographic Narrative, Part 1: Dorothea Lange and Ansel Adams Shoot Manzanar

Last month I ran across an interesting article in Feature Shoot magazine, asking a group of photojournalists, “has there ever been a time when you felt guilty for taking a photograph?” For the most part their short answers all clearly reflected a sharp awareness of their role as gatekeepers of a specific visual narrative. To [...]

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Edward Weston, Peppers, and Perception

One of the most fascinating potentials of photography is its ability to accurately portray reality in such a very unreal way that it effectively tweaks our perception of the world around us. When I think about photographers who exemplify this potential, none stands out so sharply in my mind as Edward Weston.Most widely known for [...]

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New Swift Clamp Product Lineup!

You’ve been asking, and we’ve delivered! This week at the WPPI conference in Las Vegas we launched not one but two new products: Swift Clamps especially designed to work with Cotton Carrier and Spider Holster systems. These two offer all of the same great functionality of our existing Swift Clamp for use with Black Rapid [...]

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