Tripod for Survey and 3D Scanning (Heavy Duty)

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6.70 LBS

Carbon Fiber Heavy Duty Survey Tripod


Please call for availability (909) 392-7522. This item typically ships in about 2 weeks from order date.


Lightweight and sturdy carbon fiber, only weighs 6.7 lbs (3.0 kg).

Large diameter legs. The upper leg is 1.57" (4 cm) diameter.

It is very tall with a 64"" (162 cm) extended height.

Short collapsed length at only 23" (58 cm). 

Large precision machined top at 5.8" (15 cm).

5/8-11 (standard survey thread), with through hole for optical or laser plummet. 

Plumb bob hook that locks up and out of the light path for the optical or laser plummet.

Easy rope lock slots to add a rope to secure tripod in high winds or hang an extra external power source.