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Has digital made you a better photographer?

Posted by Scott on 29th Dec 2016

Digital certainly has made photography easier but, has it made your photography better. For me, it is a double edge sword. With Photoshop and the ease of manipulating images, you can certainly get shots that would have been impossible with film and I certainly get more good images now. So if I am getting more good images, maybe digital has improved my photography. When it comes to product photography there is no question that digital has improved things, especially from a workflow standpoint. I can shoot an image and instantly drop it into a magazine ad that we are working on. I can look at the details of how the product image works with the rest of the ad and easily make changes to get the perfect shot.

Before digital, I would shoot black and white, medium and large format film. I used a spot meter and the zone system. It was a slow methodical process. I think the slower process and shooting black and white film helped me get a look that I have not been able to completely reproduce in digital. For many photographers simply slowing down and using a tripod and tripod head will improve their photography. Slowing down gives you a chance to reevaluate, recompose and refine your images.

How about you, has digital improved your photography?

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