Portraits: Lighting, Tips, & Techniques for Getting the Look You Want

6th Nov 2014

Even the most dyed in the wool landscape photographer has been there: the family gathering where you suddenly find yourself roped into setting up a family portrait. Oh, the lighting! Oh, Aunt Verna’s complaints! Before you cry uncle, check out a few of the following resources from the past month with diverse strategies to improve your portraiture technique, enabling you to capture the shots you need, whatever your circumstances. Enjoy!

Ed Verosky on Common Portrait Lighting Mistakes

This tutorial is a great way to familiarize yourself with what NOT to do when shooting portraits. It is not only very clearly written, but includes a few linked video tutorials on basic portraiture lighting. We recommend keeping this one archived, to send to friends/family who ask for your advice about using a flash, multiple lighting sources, or shooting portraits.

Veteran Photojournalist Ed Kashi’s Natural Lighting Tips

Ed Kashi explain his techniques for capturing “intimately candid” shots.

The Photoblographer’s Guide to Creating Cinematic Looking Photos

Ever been so caught up in a film’s amazing cinematography that you forget the details are supposedly in the dialogue? Well we think great photographs set the storyline. Check out the Photoblographer’s post on how to mimic this kind of theatrical flair and larger than life qualities in your own work:

Improve Photography’s Podcast on Portraiture Tips

Topics covered include tips for taking family portraits, finding the best point of focus, shooting without an LCD, and how to black out the background using your flash.

And just in case you’re looking for more, here’s an oldie but goodie...

19 portrait tutorials from Digital Photography School.