NANPA Summit Roundup

Posted by Patty Sullivan on 24th Feb 2015

We just got back from the the North American Nature Photographers Association’s annual summit in San Diego, and while the experience is still fresh I decided to blog about what a great time we had. This was the second time we’ve exhibited there, and so far each time has been more fun than the last!

The best thing about working a smaller show like the NANPA Summit, as opposed to the madness of working a behemoth like the CES show, is that the intimate setting affords us more time to connect with Acratech aficionados during our time there. We enjoyed catching up Nevada Weir, Scott Mead, and many other friends we haven’t seen in ages, as they stopped by to check out our newest gear and let us know how rock solid their tripod heads and other accessories we’ve sold them are still holding up. We also enjoyed making new friends and helping them find the best product to meet their photographic gear needs, because meeting and talking to clients helps us create even better products. We’re always willing to chat about gear - even if you were unable to meet us at a tradeshow, just send us an email and we’re happy to talk shop!

One of the most fun reasons to check out photography conventions, however, is getting the chance to get up close and hands on with the latest in equipment and gear. For instance, Scott was able to test the Canon 5Ds, with a 11-24mm f/4L lens. He was quite impressed by how little distortion there was on this lens; even at an 11mm focal length, the parallax effect was surprisingly minimal. We already stock a plate for this camera, but Scott, Sam and Abe can't wait for the Canon rep to drop by and let them take one of these bad boys on a longer test run.

Another great reason to attend a photography convention are the seminars led by experts in a specific style of shooting, post-processing methods, or even business 101 for fledgling professional photographers. As the show floor got and stayed very quiet during these presentations, after each we kept polling the attendees, asking how the seminar had went, and which was their favorite so far. Consistently, their only problem was having to decide, as we heard nothing but positive feedback about each and every one!

All in all, this year’s NANPA Summit was a definite success, and we’re really amped for another great run next week when WPPI starts!