Jon Cornforth and the Ultimate Gp ballhead

Posted by Scott Dordick on 23rd Apr 2014

We were more than excited to see that our Acratech Ultimate Gp ballhead was featured in the May 2014 issue of Outdoor Photographer! Jon Cornforth, landscape photographer, featured the Ultimate Gp ballhead as one of his top five essential items needed to help him create his beautiful landscape photos. “My Acratech Ultimate Gp ballheads are the lightest that I’ve ever owned, while also being the sturdiest” he said. Thanks again Jon for the mention, we are glad that you find our products essential to creating your art!

You can find the rest of Cornforth's top five items here: Outdoor Photography Magazine May 2014

As well as more information and photos by Cornforth here: Cornforth Wilderness Photography

Happy Shooting!