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Customer Testimonials

  • This is the greatest, high quality ballhead I have ever seen or used. Bryan in Ohio
  • Very pleased with product and customer support. Joseph in Canada
  • I love how legit this is and how easy to use! Bonnie in California
    So far I Love this ballhead - very happy with my purchase :) Dawn in Wisconsin
  • Fine U.S. made product. Very pleased with strength, lightweight, and finish. #1 Kit! Christpoher in Washington
  • I've had this ballhead for 10-11 years. I don't baby my gear as my end goal is the photos and if the gear has to take a hit to get them, so be it. This ballhead has been on 6 continents, strapped to a snow machine for 6 months in Antarctica, tossed around for a month in the back of a Russian jeep in Asia. And, it worked then and now, the same as when I bought it!! B.C.
  • I am not sponsored by Acratech. I had to pay for this ball head the same as anyone else. And if I give up my hard earned money, I want the product to work. I can say without reservation that this is some of the best money I have ever spent. I exclusively use the Acratech head in the field and am very glad I tried it. Scott Bourne
  • The rubberized knob I just received makes a great product even better. I currently have several other ballheads and am I selling them all. They do not compare to the Ultimate Ballhead. The more I use it the more it exceeds my expectations. S.C.
  • Perfect for my needs. Positive ball lock with light knob twist, smooth pan, light for travel. Well done! Keith in Illinois
  • Lovely Product - It looks like it was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. Steve in U.S.A.
  • This Nomad ballhead is fantastic! Thanks so much. Greg in Oregon

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Quick Release Camera Plates


Acratech Quick Release Plate Features

  • Compatible with all Arca-Swiss type quick release clamps (Foba, Arca, Kirk, Wimberly, etc)
  • Camera specific, which means they will fit your camera and will prevent your camera from rotating or moving on the plate
  • Designed to allow access to all camera controls and functions without removing the plate
  • Precision C.N.C. machined from solid 6061 T-6 aluminum. We do not use inferior castings like some manufacturers
  • We eliminated all unnecessary threaded bosses etc. to further reduce weight
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Satin black anodized finish


Find Your Camera Plate

  • Acratech, generic "cork top" quick release plate with 1/4-20 thread will fit any camera with a 1/4-20 thread.  Compatible with all Arca Swiss style quick release clamps.
If we make a plate specific to your camera, we recommend you use it instead.
    $39.95 Generic Arca style plate by Acratech fits all cameras
    Generic cork top quick release plate with 1/4-20 thread. This will fit any camera with a 1/4-20 thread. If we make a plate specific to your camera, we recommend you use it instead.  Please contact us if you have any...

  • Camera specific quick release plate. The prongs are designed to prevent your camera from twisting while it's mounted on your tripod head.
    $39.95 Canon 5D MKIV, Nikon D500 and Others
    The 2167 plate is compatible with the following camera bodies: Canon 5D MKIII 5D MKIV 5DS (also works with plate # 2185) 5DSr Leica SL 601 Nikon D300 D500 D800 D800E D810   Acratech quick...

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