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  • This is the greatest, high quality ballhead I have ever seen or used. Bryan in Ohio
  • Very pleased with product and customer support. Joseph in Canada
  • I love how legit this is and how easy to use! Bonnie in California
    So far I Love this ballhead - very happy with my purchase :) Dawn in Wisconsin
  • Fine U.S. made product. Very pleased with strength, lightweight, and finish. #1 Kit! Christpoher in Washington
  • I've had this ballhead for 10-11 years. I don't baby my gear as my end goal is the photos and if the gear has to take a hit to get them, so be it. This ballhead has been on 6 continents, strapped to a snow machine for 6 months in Antarctica, tossed around for a month in the back of a Russian jeep in Asia. And, it worked then and now, the same as when I bought it!! B.C.
  • I am not sponsored by Acratech. I had to pay for this ball head the same as anyone else. And if I give up my hard earned money, I want the product to work. I can say without reservation that this is some of the best money I have ever spent. I exclusively use the Acratech head in the field and am very glad I tried it. Scott Bourne
  • The rubberized knob I just received makes a great product even better. I currently have several other ballheads and am I selling them all. They do not compare to the Ultimate Ballhead. The more I use it the more it exceeds my expectations. S.C.
  • Perfect for my needs. Positive ball lock with light knob twist, smooth pan, light for travel. Well done! Keith in Illinois
  • Lovely Product - It looks like it was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. Steve in U.S.A.
  • This Nomad ballhead is fantastic! Thanks so much. Greg in Oregon

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Ball-Heads Made in the USA by Acratech

Choose from a variety of Ball-Heads with features to suit your needs.  

Our GP/GPss models are the most versatile making them our best sellers. The versatility is in their unique ability to act as a ball head, gimbal head and panning head in one compact unit. The GP is for use on full sized tripods and the GPss is "Slighly Smaller" making it the ideal mate for a travel size tripod. 

Our Nomad is similar to GP with the exception that the clamp is not removable.  A great unit that has our patented gimbal for those shooting telephoto lenses up to 400mm.

Macro photographers love the original Ultimate for its ease of use. No notch to locate and more downward range.  Night sky shooters also enjoy the additional upward movement.


If you need help choosing, we are an email or phone call away, or, you can view our video on choosing the right Ball-Head for your needs:


  • Standard View with Knob
    $417.95 Choose Options Acratech GPSS Ball-Head Perfect for Travel Tripods
    A smaller version of our GP Ball-Head, but it maintains the 25 lb. (11.4 kg) capacity, and the ability to function as a Ball-Head, gimbal head, and a panorama head. The GPSS has a shorter quick release clamp, and a smaller...

  • All GP series heads function as a Ball Head, hybrid gimbal head and when inverted will allow you to easily create a single row panorama.
    $439.95 Choose Options GP Ball-Head by Acratech with Gimbal and Pan Feature
    Voted best Ball-Head by DP Review. It’s like getting 3 pieces of equipment all wrapped up in one beautiful and lightweight unit! Our Acratech GP Ball-Head is uniquely designed to function as a Ball Head, a gimbal...

  • Nomad front view.  Elegant, strong and affordable.
    $329.95 Nomad Ball-Head by Acratech Strong, Light and Versatile
    The Nomad Ball-Head, can also function as a gimbal head just like the GP Ball-Head.  But unlike the GP, the Nomad Ball-Head will require a leveling base for stitched panoramic images. The Nomad Ball-Head takes advantage...

  • Acratech Ultimate Ball-Head with left controls, all rubber knobs and detent pin on clamp.  Open ball design, lightweight and rugged tripod head. Arca Swiss style quick release clamp. Preferred by Macro Photographers.
    $329.95 Choose Options Ultimate Ball-Head by Acratech
    The Ultimate Ball-Head is the choice of macro photographers who want a Ball-Head that has all of its range of motion at the front. Some photographers will use the Ultimate Ball-Head for general photography but, our other...

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