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GP Series Ball Heads: Professional Photography Products you can trust from Acratech

Professional photography is a great career decision for any individual who wants to get paid for utilizing their innovative talents and skills. It's one of only a handful of fields where age and higher education aren't as imperative as a good eye, quality equipment, and self-control. Photography is a very competitive field and getting the appropriate photography equipment from the best company like Acratech is an important thing to consider in perfecting your skill.

What is Acratech? Acratech is the manufacturer of quality precision photography products proudly made in the United States of America. Acratech is a family run maker of high value, innovative items for photography and imaging such as Ball Heads, Tripod Heads, Quick Release Clamps, and camera plates. All Acratech items are proudly made in their Pomona, CA office utilizing the finest materials and top quality workmanship. The company employs experts who aren't just qualified craftsmen but also talented photographers as well, guaranteeing the nature of the materials and work put into every piece in light of the fact that the representatives have the same enthusiasm for the craft.

Scott Dordick, founder and CEO of Acratech designed the first model for the Ultimate Ball Head in 1999. Scott fabricated the prototype for his own utilization because he couldn't locate a lightweight ball head that was sufficiently strong and would likewise function admirably while venturing. Scott was influenced to market his ball heads by the individuals who inquired where he got them in the wake of seeing his model. Scott's mechanical capabilities fuelled by his enthusiasm for photography; brought forth creative Acratech products that are top of the line in quality.

Here are the best photography products that you can trust from Acratech.

1. Acratech Professional Ball Heads – Acratech GP Series Ball Head is named “Best Overall” because of its unconventional design which combines functions like a ball head, panoramic head and gimbal head. What the Acratech GP Ball Heads delivers is a tremendously smooth and capable ball head! It has a very smooth ball motion at all load levels and equally capable as an upside-down head for level pans. It has excellent construction, fit and finish. To top it all, it is ideal for inclement weather and rough travel. With the added benefits of panoramic and gimbal head capabilities, the Acratech GP Ball Heads is truly an innovative and well-designed precision product that is best for professional and amateur photographers.

2. Tripod Heads – Tripod heads include the Acratech Long Lens Head and the Panoramic Head. The Acratech Long Lens Head is designed as a telephoto lens support system while the Panoramic Head is designed as a multi-row panoramic head and it also works well as a long lens head.

3. Leveling Products – Acratech Leveling products are simply the best! The Acratech Leveling Base is sturdy and light weight. It is used to quickly level the bottom of the tripod head to produce exact and well aligned panoramic images.

4. Accessories – Acratech manufactures top quality accessories such as Monitor Viewing Angle Gauge, Riser, Stainless Steel Allen Wrench, and Video Adaptor.

5. Quick Release Plates – The salient features of the Acratech Quick Release Plates make it one of a kind! Acratech quick release plates are super light weight and are compatible with all Arca-Swiss type clamps. These plates are camera specific and are designed to allow access to all camera controls and functions without removing the plate.

6. Quick Release Clamps – There are plenty of Acratech clamps to choose from. You can have the locking lever clamp, the clamp with rubber knob or metal knob, or choose the swift clamp.

7. L Brackets and Nodal Rails – Acratech also makes the Universal L Bracket and Nodal Slides perfect for your photography needs.

Summing it up, Acratech manufactures professional photography products that have innovative designs, unique features, and quality precision proudly made in the USA.

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